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Covered in sweat she felt a firm pat on her back.

"Good Job Johnson, be carefull next time though." Alex, Team Blue's Captain grinned sweetly to her and Angie nodded.
"Will do. But you better watch it next time, I won't let it slip." The two laughed and the teams joined together for Lunch.

It was a nice sunday and after eating Angie hit the showers. With a few minutes to herself she relaxed and sat on a bench in a white towel with her black hair dangling down her back.
Angie barely had a chance to be alone since she got here, which helped. When she was alone she started thinking and it never went over too well.

Like the other night, the owls back and forth with Miles. She found it strange that she'd let herself get so worked up over a boy. But it was done, behind her and she was alright.

Everything would be okay.

The sound of the girls locker room door swinging open caught her attention as Libby came joggingin, about ready to shower.
"There's someone outside to see you."
"Yup. Better go quick before Ackerton gets to them and starts telling stories." The two laughed and Angie quickly changed, her hair soaking the back of the t-shirt she was given by the camp, her shorts light on her thighs, jogging barefoot towards the registration center, where anyone would be waiting for her.

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It's time for an update!

Angie stood at the front door and suddenly felt like she was going to school for the first time.

"Here's a lunch for you."
"You packed me a lunch?" Angie looked at her mother and laughed, the two of them laughed.
"Will you just take it and throw it out once you get there. For old times sake." Rolling her eyes Angie took the lunch and picked up the large duffle bag.

"So how long will you be there?"
"Four weeks intensive training followed by exibition games in mid september."
"And you'll be staying there?"
Angie nodded.
"It's like summer camp."
"You hate summer camp." Caroline pointed out and the two laughed lightly.

"I'll miss you Angel,"
"Just, come to the games?" Nodding there was a nearly tearfull goodbye. Nearly. She would see her mother because Angelina had intentionally left herpractice quaffle in her bedroom.

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The night had been bad. Just sitting there staring at her ceiling, thinking. The morning hadn't been much better though as she rolled out of bed and went downstairs.

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The many shades of Angie

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It was just after eleven and Angie was done packing. Everything was in it's place, everthing was ready to go.

She'd fallen asleep with Miles beside her, in his bed. For a while she just lay there thinking, her mind wandering, her thoughts everywhere. Instead of waking him up though Angie let him sleep and when it came time to leave she didn't really want to make him come now.

He probably didn't want to anyways.
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Making her way down the stairs she decided not to floo. Angie wanted to think a little longer about things so she left from the front door.

Two or three hours later she showed up outside the familiar house, the familiar door, the familiar street. She just stared at it unable to move forward or back, to make a decision of what she wanted.

"Mum?" Angie stepped through the door.

"Angelina?" Her mother was at the top of the stairs and came down. "Where have you been?! I've sent you owls, and talked to the Weasleys, where did you go!? Who were you with? Angelina-"
"I'm okay." Angie said with a smile as her mom started to spazz a bit. She wasn't pleased but seemed glad Angie was home.

The two sat down and talked. Angie didn't really know what to tell her so she started with the basics. Where she'd been, who with. What she was doing.

"I know why you left." Her mother finally said. "Because of your father."
"Mum, we don't have to-"
"Yes, Angelina we do."
The two grew silent.

"I didn't want you to see that side of him."
"You knew?"It didn't sound accusing and Angie was surprized of herself. She'd expected to be a little more upset.
"If I had ever thought he would hit you..." Caroline took a deep breath. "The police told me his death was an accident and that he died outside of Hogsmeade." Angie stiffened, her eyes looking down to the floor right away.

"It's not true is it."
Angie shook her head.
"Mommy please," Angie rarely called her that anymore. Mum was normal, but Mommy?
"Angel hunny, I need to know what happened."

Slowly Angelina nodded and started to talk.


She knocked lightly on his door, trying her best not to wake up anyone else. She felt bad for snapping at him a bit earlier for the whole Gryffindor SLythering thing.
Maybe she was a little too reluctant to let go of her Gryffindor pride.

So in an attempt to apolaguize she stood outside his door, waiting to see if he would open to let her in, or at least to let her apolagize.
But when there was no answer she turned the handle softly.

"Miles?" Angie whispered, poking her head inside.

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Seeing Stars


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Angie left the note on Mile's bedroom door. He was still asleep, or at least in his room and hadn't come out yet. It was kind of early, not really though.
For the summer it was a bit early.

Taking her bag and heading downstairs Angie had a few things. Just simple stuff. Some food for Cole, a few of Fred and George's things they'd left behind around the school or in her dorm. Nothing much really, left over pranks, plans that sort of junk and with them a bottle of water, some cheese, pen and parchment.

So, taking her bag of goodies Angie went down to the front fireplace and tossed some floo powder in.
"Diagon Alley."

With a poof she was stepping out into the empty streets and looking around. She knew Fred and George were setting shop up here, so the key was finding them.
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Wind tossed

Miles/any random london wanderer

Needless to say, Angie was confused.

She sat in front of her desk at home with a piece of parchment on it.

"Angie? What did you want for-" Her mother opened the door and stopped short. Looking around her mother noticed Angie's bags weren't unpacked.

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It was about four hours later that she was wandering around London, tears dried, parchment still in her hand.

Finally, she stopped to grab a bite to eat, gettinng a water and toast at a little coffee shop. Here she finished the owl.

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Rubbing her jaw Angie took a deep breath and sent Cole off with the owl.
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Angie hadn't been picked up at the train station. That wasn't to say no one was there for her, but she wasn't ready.

Three hours of wandering around London hadn't cleared her head. It wouldn't clear her head and it wouldn't change what happened.

I can't deal with this...

But in those three hours Angie learned at least one thing.
It wasn't fair for her mother.

Stepping into the home she'd felt safe in for years Angie felt cold and very scared. She half expected her father to turn the corner from the kitchen with a coffee in his hand.

"Angelia?" Carole nearly dropped the box in her arms when she looked onto herdaughter in the doorway, beside the luggage her mother had been packing and the trunks of Angie's that had been picked up after the train.

"Mum."The silence was awkward and made Angie want to up and leave, it had to be better then this out there.

"I didn't know if you got my letters."
"I did Mum."
"So you know where we're moving."
"Yeah." The two of them didn't know what to say. Maybe it was guilt on both ends. Carole had married a murderer and Angie had helped kill the love of her mothers life.

Could she look her in the eyes?

"Where did you go when you go off the train? I waited around for you but you never-"
"Went for a walk." Angie shifted nervously.
"Are you hungry?" The quesstion was loaded. Like, if Angie answered yes she was obligated to eat, is she said no sshe'd be crshing her mother.

"I already ate."
"Ahh." A win loose situation. Nervously she tucked her hair behind her ear.

"I havn't packed your room. Didn't know what you wanted still..." Angie nodded and started up the stairs filled with this sinking feeling that this would never get any better.

Slipping into her room Angie felt a distinct sensation while walking past the bathroom.

She rubbed her, what felt like bruised, jaw.
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Ticked off

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In the spirit of opinions.

Davis is a loose, insane whore who likes to pretend she is so hard done by. Let's all aww for the poor pathetic git. This has nothing to do with Bletchley but with the fact that sshe ATTACKED ME in the Great Hall and seems to enjoy getting drunk enough to forget who she fucks.

And in other news, I will be so glad to be rid of this place. As I've said before, seven years is too long.
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